Our company is an established pharmaceutical company undertaking products development and commercialization. We understand the importance of R&D as a core part of the accomplishment of any pharmaceutical company as it helps it to move up the value chain. We are able to employee the changes in technology to develop new pharmaceutical products. To our team, continuous innovation is the key to R&D.  Our team comprises a group of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to provide the highest level of pharmaceutical services including R&D.

Our services also encompass the distribution of pharmaceutical products. We have the resources and facilities required to ensure a successful distribution of various products in multiple countries through a number of distribution locations.

We also carry out different activities related to pharma marketing including; digital marketing, social media marketing, product branding, promotional offline and online messages, direct-to-consumer promotion and meeting and event sponsorship. Our marketing techniques are specifically tailored according to product’s type and client’s needs. We use a model of integrating offline and online marketing techniques to ensure a maximum reach to both patients and physicians. We continuously look for the latest pharma marketing trends and we make every effort to provide the maximum outcomes.

"A healthier society is supported through compassion and comprehensive healthcare"

"Our company's mission is to dedicate itself to adding outstanding value to healthcare towards optimal well-being by providing outstanding quality medicines, for the benefit of human health“

The main purpose of all our business activities is to ensure that we provide our maximum contribution to the healthcare system. This comes from our belief that everyone has the right to obtain comprehensive medicine.

The management of Sano Life emphasises the purchase from and sell to top pharmaceutical professionals. We ensure that strategic planning is taking place as well as continuously evaluating our position in the market.

We believe that partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry can contribute to the success of both our company and its partners. By joining resources, we can leverage our strength to increase our market share and influence.  Therefore, our strategy encompasses partnering with major pharmaceutical companies in the industry which their quality standards meet our requirements.

Our strategy also includes operational marketing and sales planning and implementation as it is paramount for our company’s and other companies’ growth. We work hard to connect different pharmaceutical companies in a global network.

Sano Life’s medium-term strategy is built around three programme driven objectives;

To enhance growth opportunities to increase the value of our business
To bring innovative medicines to the pharmaceutical market
To maintain a balanced pricing strategy